Meeting #4:
Deciding What to do About Your Kidney Disease

The purpose of meeting #4 is to help you think about which next steps are right for you towards transplant.

Steps you should take:

  1. Watch the video above.
  2. Review the brochure: Deciding what to do about your kidney disease.
  3. Check all actions you are interested in taking below.
    • Learn more about your treatment options: Get more information from websites, libraries, or transplant organizations.
    • Talk through your treatment options with people you trust: Talk about the pros and cons of staying on dialysis and getting a deceased or living donor transplant to help make a decision that is right for you. Prepare a list of questions for your discussions.
    • Talk to your health care providers about your dialysis and treatment options, and talk to transplant recipients and living donors about their experiences.
    • Learn ways to make dialysis better for you: Talk with your healthcare providers about what you can expect from dialysis, ways to feel better while on dialysis, and follow your treatment plan. Ask questions such as: “Which type of dialysis is best for me?” “How long might I live on dialysis versus a transplant?”
    • Start the process for a transplant: Find and call the transplant center near you and tell them you’re interested in getting on the kidney transplant waiting list. You’ll need to complete and return forms mailed to you by the transplant center and get a complete evaluation. You will also need to complete medical tests and stay in contact with your transplant coordinator. 
    • Consider living donation: If someone offers to be a living donor, have them call the transplant center to begin evaluation. Consider accepting this kind and generous gift.
    • Get the word out about your need for a kidney: There are many ways you can share your need for a living donor kidney, such as in person at a family meeting, through email or by mail, in a bulletin or newsletter, through social media.