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Learn about patient referral and evaluation criteria for kidney transplantation, including referral timing, kidney allocation process and Ontario waitlist times.


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Supporting Documents and Links

Decision-making and educational resources (Slide #12 from webinar)

Transplant Ambassador Program
Information about the TAP program, FAQ’s for patients, donors and families

Explore Transplant Ontario
Educational brochures and videos about all aspects of the transplant journey

ORN Provider Resource Hub
Information on referral timing and tools to estimate survival benefit for transplant

ORN Patient Resource Hub
Many educational resources about various aspects of kidney transplantation and donation

The Kidney Foundation of Canada
Information about living and deceased kidney transplantation for patients and providers

Trillium Gift of Life Forms and Documents

TGLN Kidney Transplant Referral Form (PDF size 555 KB)
Required tests and information to refer patients for KT assessment

TGLN Eligibility Criteria for Transplant (PDF size 492 KB)
TGLN Indications and contraindications for pursuing kidney transplant

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Dr. Istvan Mucsi, Dmitri Belenko, Aarushi Bansal, Yifan Yang, Ahsas Nagee, Vishva Shah, Roula Khairalla, Jennifer Park

Presented by

Dr. Istvan Mucsi, Dmitri Belenko

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