Welcome to Explore Transplant Ontario

We hope that Explore Transplant Ontario will help patients, family members and friends, potential living donors, healthcare providers and the general public learn more about kidney disease, dialysis and transplant.

About Explore Transplant Ontario

Kidney patients and family explore kidney transplant options

Explore Transplant Ontario is an education program designed for Ontarians with kidney failure, along with their families, friends, potential living donors and healthcare providers. Its purpose is to explain the available kidney transplant options so that those living with kidney failure can make well-informed decisions about their treatment.

Explore Transplant Ontario has been adapted from the Explore Transplant program developed by Dr. Amy Waterman, which has been used successfully to educate more than 28,000 kidney patients in the United States.

In a recent pilot study of the Explore Transplant Ontario program in the dialysis units of two Ontario hospitals, using the program improved patients’ knowledge of their transplant options and their belief in their ability to access appropriate treatment.